Muslim Superhero Obstacle Course & Book Fair

Join TMC & Zaydo Potato Authors in a fun and exciting adventure on Dec 9th.

Register soon ….Seats are limited due to space

Children 5 and up ONLY

For more information call 813-500-7089

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The End of Doubt Retreat Dec 22-26 Daniel Haqiqatjou

A Course by Daniel Haqiqatjou: Can Muslims gain intellectual fulfillment in the world today? Muslims are immersed in intellectual and cultural contexts that contradict their deeply held religious commitments. Western views of science, reason, freedom, equality, human rights, gender roles, war and peace are some flash points that generate tension between Islamic traditions and the societies in which Muslims live. The course will examine ways in which modern Muslim thinkers grapple with these conflicts and suggest ways in which Muslims may attain intellectual fulfillment while being faithful to Islamic values and ways of life.

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