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Islam from the ground up 

Many ask why do we need religion? what makes Islam different? Why must we pray and follow rules and guidelines? 

For some Islam is no more than a religion their parents follow. It does not play an integral role in the lives of many.  For many Islam is no more than a label, a badge or a religion of rules and rituals.

Objective : 

This program seeks to:

 Give an understanding that Islam is the final solution for humanities greatest problem and any problem we face      

 How Islam is a comprehensive guidance for human beings to live their lives.

Islam is the ultimate and final blueprint for life, sent down by Allah to Mohammad (saw), a messenger for all of humanity. The only way of life ordained for humanity by the creator is Islam.

Allah says: " If anyone desires a deen other than Islam. never it will be accepted from him, and on the day of judgment will be from the losers."

Course will include:

Selections from the Seerah 

Reflections from the Quran

How to understand arguments made against Islam

Tools to understand, live, defend and spread Islam

Stories of the Prophets

Spiritual and Intellectual exercises